Tuesday, April 5, 2011


If you are really loved, someone will gift you with one of these. But if you're really, really, really loved, then someone extra special will make one and gift it to you. No drooling allowed. I don't want my etui wet or dirty...lol

I spent Thanksgiving 2010 with my Aunt Pam and the rest of my mother's (my) family. While visiting one night, my aunt presented me with an unexpected gift bag. I was rather surprised, to say the least, but inside was this beautifully handmade, personally made-with-love for me, etui. I was in total shock and disbelief!

We both love the color blue so she was on the mark with her color choices. And as far as the etui itself, I was mesmerized by its detail and functionality. I really couldn't believe it was mine; still don't. It's such a special creation that even my mother has taken it with her to her guilds for show-n-tell and received many rave reviews (well, Aunt Pam has received the rave reviews). I've taken it to our LNS and again, mouths drop and mops come out to sop up the drool.

When I opened my gift and the etui fell open, as did my mouth, it reminded me of a bloomin' onion (without the smell, of course) and as such, Aunt Pam says, "Julie, when someone makes this for you, they really really really love you." And I know my Aunt Pam does. I love her too!

Talk soon!


Stitching Cat said...

Your etui is gorgeous! You are lucky to have Aunt Pam!

Melody said...

Beautiful gift from your Aunt Pam!!

The Sampler Girl said...

Wow - that box is awesome!!