Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Last weekend I went on a much-needed walk that I had not been on in quite sometime. Some of you may remember (or not) that a time ago I walked routinely after taking Cameron to daycare; Monday-Friday religiously. Since starting work in April 2010 I haven't had the opportunity to take as many walks as before. It's a shame really because it was key to keeping in shape and, for heaven's sake, the outing was exhilarating. A stress-buster for sure. Anyway, to make a long story short, I found Mr. Walking Stick. Boy was he big and really pretty (the photo does not do justice for him). But wait...what is that thing on his butt?

Okay, I got away pretty fast and enjoyed the rest of my walk. Talk soon!

PS---Can anyone tell me how to reduce/delete/condense my "labels?" I need to par them down. Any help will be useful!


Anonymous said...

What a great little picture!
Good to see a post on your blog, too.
Love ya.

Daffycat said...

Fixing labels is time consuming but easy.
Sign in and go to your dashboard.
Click edit posts.
Your labels will be listed to the left.
Find the posts you want to change the labels on and check the can then remove labels or add labels using the little box above the post list.

Just play around with it. The hardest part is finding the posts you want to change!

Julie said...

This is EXCELLENT advice!!! Thanks a bunch.

And thanks, Mom, for your post...xo

Barbara said...

So what was the thing on its butt???