Thursday, September 9, 2010

labor day weekend

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend like the one I had. It was nice having a long weekend with an extra day off work, the kids not having daycare or school, and to have extra time spent with loved ones is especially nice. For the first time in a long while I felt in no rush…it was nice.

Saturday was low-key. Jose spent time out at my parent’s house and Cameron and I spent time at home. Cameron did the usual 3-year old toddler stuff. He colored. He played with blocks. He ran around outside and in. We watched a movie or two. We went out for ice cream in the evening because the weather was beautiful. It couldn’t be missed.

Sunday was low-key for Cameron and I with the exception of running an errand, but I did make brownies and managed to take hold of minor household projects. Jose was out at my parent’s still and he proved to be a lot of help to them. He helped my dad trim tree limbs. According to my mom, Jose was a pretty good assistant and these days, at 13, he hasn’t been very useful for anything, unfortunately. To hear that he provided a helping hand was relieving and once I saw the photos of him helping my dad I was over the moon with pride. It brought a much needed smile to my face.

Jose and Papa did a fantastic job and worked well as a team. Mom did a neat job at capturing the “moments” too. There are a lot more photos, but I wouldn’t want to embarrass my dad with his silly Chevy Chase facial expressions.

Labor Day was an enjoyable Monday! I was surrounded by my favorite people and that’s all that mattered. No one had to work. No children had to attend school. No deadlines and no place to be. It was a beautiful day out at my parent’s home. We weren’t grilling out until 4:00, but we arrived early in the afternoon so there was plenty of time to gather and play. I took the boys to a nearby creek which resulted in a fun time. We found some fossils as well.

After the trip to the creek and our 4:00 meal, Nana and Papa played a little ball and catch with Cameron. It was really cute. Papa took pictures.

Nana missed the pitch…

And when all is said and done and you’re tuckered out from such a glorious weekend, what better way than to sit next to Papa and relax…

Talk soon!


mainely stitching said...

What a great weekend, Julie! I can't believe how big the boys are, but of course that's silly as yours are just a tad older than my eldest and youngest. It all goes so FAST, doesn't it? I'm glad Jose could be of help at your parents' place and I bet it made him feel as good as it did you. Max also likes going out to my Mom's to help her. :)

Julie said...

Barbara, I know! This summer Jose surpassed my height. It's amazing! He's 2 inches taller and weighs about 20-30 lbs more. I don't know where all that came from and where the time has gone. Cameron is already in underwear, if you can believe that. He has an accident every now and then and wears a pull up at night, but for a just-turned-3 year old I'm in awe that he's practically potty trained this soon.
I think Jose helping my parents gave him a little sense of gratification. It is amazing stuff to watch our children grow. I can't believe how fast Arden has grown - he's a little man! And Rowen...quite a beautiful little girl! Such a delightful smile.